Here at the Carolina Durham Theater in Fletcher Hall, the audience enjoyed many delicious informational nuggets from Josh’s and Chuck’s podcast. It was a great night, full of mockumentary-style humor. During this live podcast, some of the topics included Ouija boards, asteroid mining, termites, and the use of MDMA to treat mental illness.

Stuff You Should Know is the award-winning podcast hosted by Chuck Bryant and Josh Clark and produced by the venerable website HowStuffWorks.

“Stuff You Should Know is a novel combination of sticky, fascinating information and smart, provocative humor.”

Over the years, Stuff You Should Know has grown beyond the podcast to include video series like Don’t Be Dumb; a pretty good social media presence on Facebook and Twitter where Josh and Chuck chat with their fans, field suggestions and are told what they got wrong in any given episode; and a website, Josh and Chuck’s home on the web,, where they like to share examples of their interests in photos of abandoned places, old Halloween costumes, terrible ideas in history, and other neat stuff. They are also beginning work on a Stuff You Should Know book, which they intend to complete and have published before the end of the decade, they hope. They also played themselves in a short lived but much loved scripted TV show on Science channel.

Here's a story about some mysterious sounds you should know about!
"From television, to podcasts, to online, to short-form; STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW is an enormously entertaining and immersive 360 degree experience.”
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Check out the comedy at Carolina Theatre of Durham