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I. Current Situation

Lenovo’s newly released Yoga 900 notebook positions Lenovo in a fresh, new, design-driven light positioning it’s breakthrough consumer product for rampant adoption by 18-34 year olds who value good design, just as much as versatile functionality.

II. Challenge

Lenovo’s traditional approach to driving consumer engagement won’t perform well for the Yoga 900, relative to the target consumer group’s content consumption trends; mid-form and long-form lifestyle storytelling, design-driven and highly visual content delivery, responsive optimization for multi-screen content experience, authentic product integrations that drive conversions via true consumer “buy in” to the product and brand.

As such, taking a fresh approach to driving engagement and sales conversions for this new product is an immediate focus of Lenovo, yet one that doesn’t align with the majority of recent campaigns. Testing new branded content types and delivery processes is vital to a successful, long-term product launch and, with back to school and holiday season purchase research getting underway, timing is of the essence. Therefore, the ability to quickly deploy, promote and measure engagement around such new campaign content is vital, yet remains a challenge.

III. Proposal

Lenovo’s Yoga 900 is a unique product. The notebook is unique for both Lenovo as well as within the broader notebook market. It’s sleek design supports multi-USB ports, a gorgeous display with full 360 degree rotation, lightening fast processing, a highly-responsive touch screen, compact / highly portable overall dimensions and weight and an easy-to-use interface. This product was built with the always-on-the-go, design-loving millennial as it’s target consumer.

As such, Fabl, in collaboration with Ziff Davis, proposes a pilot storytelling campaign consisting of four mid/long-form stories told specifically to elicit an emotional response from a millennial consumer group.
  • $999.99

Recognizably different from the competition, the Yoga 900 is unbelievably thin and elegant. From the 360° watchband hinge to the eye catching color options, this 2-in-1 will turn heads.

These stories will be emotive, highly visual, socially-integrated (to drive consumer-powered social marketing of these stories across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn), and include direct purchase links to the Yoga 900, integrated directly into the stories themselves (contextualized commerce).

Click on the image to share it on your favorite social site.
Click on the image to share it on your favorite social site.

Across two weeks, commencing September 1, 2016, Fabl will release two stories each week, highlighting inspiring lifestyle narratives of the target, on-the-go, millennial. From summer backpacking trips through Asia to volunteer work with a women’s health NGO, these stories will delight readers and instill deep emotional connection that is the basis for action.

IV. Impact

Through powerful and prevalent visual media, these stories will drive both authentic, emotional engagement, as well as social sharing and sales conversions. Elegant product integration will allow for purchase opportunities to be presented to the consumer at the moments of heightened emotional engagement, increase sales conversions in an authentic and purposeful way; two major value-drivers for the millennial consumer in digital.

V. Scope

The Fabl content platform, designed for optimized content experiences across all screen sizes, devices and operating systems, will host the proposed Lenovo-branded storytelling microsite as self-contained, yet connected to via subdomain and a Lenovo-branded header with links to the primary sections of

This campaign will demonstrate Lenovo’s ability to delight and engage its’ target consumer group for the Yoga 900 product, while maintaining connectivity and reciprocity with the other sections of the primary .com. The proposed storytelling microsite will be activated via a distribution campaign across Ziff Davis’ targeted verticals, sending pre-qualified, target consumers to the associated, branded stories where engagement and conversion will take place.


Fabl’s brand journalists will use the data gathered in recent, relevant interviews with principal investigators and compiled from secondary research to develop the four stories, ranging from 1,500-3,500-words with the working titles such as, “Above The Clouds; A Summer Adventure To Top Them All” and, “Work Doesn’t Have To Feel Like Work.”


Fabl’s design team will graphically represent the inspiring lifestyle stories told through the proposed narratives, emphasizing the driving themes that inspire action among millennials; adventure, beauty, authenticity, design, mobility, connectivity.


The stories will be powered by the Fabl platform, which will accommodate the short timeline associated with the back-to-school season and ramp-up to the holiday season, while also affording real-time engagement insights to quickly analyze engagement performance (read time, return visits, social sharing of content from the stories, purchase intents, etc.). The proposed story content may also be published instantaneously to media partner sites, if/where relevant via native content distribution channels such as Outbrain, Taboola and Sharethrough.

VI. Investment

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Solution Proposed Investment
Content Creation, Branding/Design, Hosting, Publication and Delivery $ 50,000
Ziff Davis Promotion/Distribution $ 50,000
Content Creation, Branding/Design, Hosting, Publication and Delivery

Includes all research, media sourcing, editorial, design/branding, creative, development, social integrations, product integrations, hosting, content delivery, analytics capture and client dashboard access during the campaign time period.

Ziff Davis Promotion and Distribution

Includes Ziff Davis promotion/distribution campaign to cultivate awareness for the proposed stories across relevant Ziff Davis owned-operated content verticals, driving pre-qualified and highly targeted consumers to the Lenovo-branded content experiences.

VII. Timeline

All content will be developed, designed, branded and ready to deploy by September 1, 2016. During the two week pilot campaign, engagement analysis will inform Lenovo, Fabl and Ziff Davis on what is driving the most engagement and conversions so real-time adjustments can be made to the promotion/distribution efforts. If the pilot campaign is successful, as defined by Lenovo, a similar, yet more robust campaign can be deployed across a longer timeline to hit consumers throughout the ramp-up to, and during, the 2016 holiday season.

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