“Good marketing tells the story.
Great marketing is the story.”

-Bernadette Jiwa

Either you’re a sociopath…
or you just had an emotional response.

That’s because stories are part of human nature.

Storytelling isn’t marketing fluff, its marketing protein.

Social content is “potato chip” content.

It’s tasty but leaves us hungry.

Narrative content is protein content.

It nourishes & keeps us coming back for more.

Potential customers are 85% more likely to purchase a
product after watching a video.

(Groove Digital Marketing)

Digital storytelling must be visual, because visuals work.

But videos take time & money, photos don’t…

And photos work too!

It takes 60 seconds to read 200-250 words

It takes 1/10 of one second to interpret an image

Attention shrinks as content-saturation expands

Use visual media to communicate quickly

Design the experience; hone reader focus & stay on-brand

Start telling stories now…

…audience will shape strategy later.

Google agrees.

Storytelling (not tags and social content) drive SEO.

So, we built Fabl.

A design-driven, visual storytelling platform for brands.

Demo signup: fabl.co/demo

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