Growing up

Ricky and Jordan Taylor raced side by side under their father’s company, Wayne Taylor Racing. However, right after a big win at Daytona in 2017, Ricky Taylor traded in his Cadillac for an Acura on the Roger Penske team.

Now the brothers will be competing against one another, going head to head for wins that they both are vying to have.


Jordan’s new teammate Renger van der Zande seems to share the same attacking style that Ricky did, making the transition for Jordan easier.

On the other hand, Ricky is working on transitioning from a team that was tight-knit and familial into a more detached group where he is not as comfortable.

The journey

One of the most impressive wins the Taylor Brothers had together was during the Chevrolet Sports Car Classic in Detroit. The brothers went from the 12th spot at the beginning of the race to first place as they crossed the finish line, making that their fifth consecutive win for the IMSA in 2017.

The brothers weren’t always shown the same attention in the spotlight. Because they were such an iconic duo, media and spectators would have favorites claiming that one year Jordan was the leader, while stating that the next year Ricky seemed to have all the talent. This simple action began to pit them against each other even while they were on the same team.

But Jordan and Ricky don’t let the media or spectators’ perception of them shape their own reality. They have remained humble and give credit to each other as well as their team of mechanics and engineers that have helped them along the way. They would rather see the other brother win than not win anything at all.

The followers

The brothers have also been praised for their relatability within social media. Even though both have a few thousand followers each on Instagram and Twitter (by a few, I mean upwards of 10k for each social media platform), they post like the average person. Between vacations, silly videos, and recreating celebrity pictures, these guys know how to have a little fun. Jordan even has an alternate Instagram with posts making fun of himself: @rodneysandstorm.

Just like old times, the Taylors reunited on February 22nd, 2018 to race together in the ninth annual SimCraft 24 Hours of America event at Bushnell Motorsports Park. The Brothers placed fifth and were able to show fans that the loving nature is still there despite racing against each other in other capacities.

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