Have you ever felt like everything needs to be squared away before you start something new?

You need the right gear, the proper sport instructions, a designated work out time, and until you check all the things off your list, you won’t move a muscle. Enter into Implus - the one place that covers everything on your list, from high quality exercise attire to realistic work out schedules. Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is tough - countless things pop up and push you off your routine - yet the benefits are endless. Here are 4 tips to help you stay on your exercise path while limiting your injuries. Strong will. All heart.

  • $12.00

New improved elastane throughout for a more structured hold providing a second skin fit.

Set yourself up to win. Surround yourself with people who are motivated to be as healthy as they can be. Do this in your physical world, but don’t forget about the digital world. See what your favorite athletes are up to on Instagram.
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New V-Tech Arch Support System for added structure.

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Superfine merino fibers blended with technical moisture management yarns.

Need a daily motivational tweet or an ingenious food tip? Tackle your doubts with the help of @SofSole @Perfect_Fitness and @yaktrax. Following the Implus team will prevent your from steering away from your exercise goals.

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Superfine merino fibers blended with technical moisture management yarns for optimal performance.

There may have been times when your gear simply didn’t withstand your strength. Start off on the right foot: browse our offerings to see the quality items that fit you best. Personalize your gear, from sole to sneaker to limit safety concerns.
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Heel tab prevents the sock from slipping into your shoe.

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Mesh construction for ventilation.

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Drymo (Drynamix Mohair footbed) for unbelievable protection against sheer friction blisters.

  • $12.00

Enhanced elastic grip construction in both arch and ankle provides ultimate support.

Do not allow the “just one more set” mindset to put you on the sideline. Be mindful of your body; note your tolerance for fatigue. Challenge yourself steadily; make sure your body can withstand your ambition.
  • $16.50

Mesh channels for added ventilation.

  • $14.00

Moh-rino fiber aids in prevention of sheer friction blisters.