We started Pistol Lake to create well-made shirts in Los Angeles.

We think a great shirt is a story about where you’ve been and what you’ve done. Go to a thrift store and you might find a vintage shirt from 30 years ago - when clothes were made to last. When shirts were an extension of you - tailored to your body from time and wear. We’re bringing this quality back.

When I was a kid, the summer trip to Pistol Lake was what my twin brother and I looked forward to the most. It was just our grandparents, boats, fishing rods and us for the entire summer. Hours away from civilization and with no other residents, Pistol Lake represented the kind of simplicity that life is all about and what our company is for us today - it gives us the ability to focus on what really matters in life.


To make the perfect versions of the shirts we want to wear, we draw & design, source fabrics, fit test and ship everything ourselves. All of our materials are sourced locally, and we construct our goods in Los Angeles, Calif. Our close proximity to the manufacturing process is important to us and crucial in maintaining a high standard of quality.

The Pistol Lake magic happens out of our garage in Venice, California. We live for sunny days when we can leave all the doors open and let in that ocean air. Feel free to visit anytime. We love meeting with folks interested in what we’re building or that enjoy a whiskey drink.

The quality of our garments is a reflection of the expertise and care of our sewers. We are fortunate to work with the best craftspeople, which is why we can stand behind our shirts. We guarantee our work – if they are defective or you’re ever dissatisfied in any way with our shirts, we’ll gladly replace or offer a full refund.

When you place an order, we pick your shirts from the shelves in our warehouse, wrap them up and send them your way. We believe that the packaging should reflect the same amount of work & care that goes into making the garments themselves. Our packaging design is inspired from an era when sending & receiving a parcel was sentimental and treated with care. Little intricacies in a stamp, the final knot of twine, all of these details are important to us because we want the very best experience for you.