BMW has always raced for one reason:
To improve the breed.

The participation of BMW in Formula E represents its latest and most forward-looking racing effort created to inspire people on the move, and shape tomorrow’s Individual Premium Mobility. The BMW Group is committed to uniting excitement, social responsibility, and success by demonstrating its vision of NUMBER ONE > NEXT

In April, 2018, this racing endeavor came to life with the introduction of, the iFE. 18


The BMW Group embraces its unique customer understanding through its ongoing, direct dialogue with customers and community alike. It focuses solely on premium products and services. It anticipates customer needs and desires. And it brings these to life - quickly and precisely - in innovative and emotional offerings and experiences.

By providing the worlds most aspirational brands, The BMW Group continuously grows the value of its brands through focused brand management and outstanding design.

As with its participation in Formula E, The BMW Group is keenly interested in shaping FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES and developing innovative technologies for tomorrow’s products and services.

The BMW Group has a unique position in being able to INSPIRE PEOPLE to work for and with it. The BMW Group leads its associates with integrity and respect, securing the position as the most attractive employer.

More than ever The BMW Group is committed to being an active PART OF THE COMMUNITIES in which it operates, and embracing its responsibilities into these communities and achieving positive results.

In fact, The BMW Group succeeded in its commitment to the future by delivering 100,000 electrified vehicles by the end of 2017, as it had promised. BMW achieved this goal through a dedicated strategy and a sincere appreciation of its responsibility to the environment and future generations.

A Special BMW i8

At each Formula E stop around the globe, a specially prepared version of the BMW i8 exemplifies The BMW Group strategy for Electro-Mobility: NUMBER ONE > NEXT, as an example of the transfer of track technology to the road’s tarmac.

And an Open Air i8 Roadster

It is only natural that in 2018, the open-wheeled Formula E cars, and the BMW i8 now have an open-air, road-going companion. Electro-Mobility cuts a stylish profile with the BMW i8 Roadster.

Stay Tuned for what is iNext

The BMW Group is leveraging innovative technologies, digitalization and sustainability to deliver unique customer experiences.

It embraces the opportunities that the TRANSFORMATION of our industry offers. We are committed to expanding our technological competence in the years to come, to enhancing the interaction of individuals, vehicles, and services and to driving progress in sustainable mobility.