“Ducati is truly a heritage brand — we have been expressing our brand through immersive images and narrative storytelling since the beginning. We moved to the Fabl platform to tell those stories to the next [digital] generation.”
- David James, Ducati


1. Forbes Insights moves to Fabl
2. CBSi increasing engagement for Game of Thrones
3. Ducati Motorsports creates a year of excitement
4. Google for Entrepreneurs
5. Salon delivers for Hulu
6. GE Drone Week - around the world in video
7. See Them Live!

Forbes Insights A/B testing of Fabl and their previous solution for building sponsored campaigns which include white paper downloads and sales-ready lead generation resulted in dramatic 100X improvement on lead-capture conversions and a move to Fabl for the Insights brand.


Starting with Studio 61, Fabl was incorporated into programs where high quality images and video are a pre-requisite for games and interactive entertainment campaigns, driving increased engagement and revenue.


Uses Fabl to deliver stunning, rich-media narratives that tell the story of this iconic brand. Ducati initially engaged Fabl to support it’s launch of the brand in the Asian market.


Benefits from Fabl through Google for Entrepreneur’s accelerator campus, the American Underground, telling startup and entrepreneurial stories in rich-media.


Needed a solution to deliver complex design elements in a sponsored campaign for Hulu under a rapid-fire deadline.


First used Fabl to create an immersive, HD-video microsite as part of it’s global marketing campaign, #droneweek. The story unfolds in journalistic style using videos that follow GE’s iconic, annual #droneweek campaign as it spreads across the world.

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