It has never been easier to give during the season of giving.

So busy that you can’t go to the mall until late December? You can now shop on your mobile device during your morning commute, months before the holidays.

The perfect gift for your special someone is out of stock? Start browsing “endless aisles” online to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Concerned about going over your budget? Shop during a sale period (there are plenty of them) or sign up for a premium membership with an online retailer that offers perks like free shipping.

Holiday shoppers today demand these types of choices, and retailers have responded by accommodating their needs. But as Pitney Bowes’ new 2015 Holiday Shipping Survey found, shoppers are still wishing for a number of benefits from retailers, including:

There’s really no longer an either-or question as to whether Americans prefer shopping in-store or online – our survey found that nine in 10 will shop at both. But looking deeper into the numbers, shoppers are turning to different devices to complete an order, with 94 percent saying they plan to shop on a computer and 49 percent on a mobile device. And as mobile device screens grow larger and easier to use, the popularity of mobile ecommerce will increase.

Every year, the beginning of the shopping season seems to move further away from the actual holidays themselves. Retailers need to meet the schedules of all shoppers, from the 30 percent who say they plan to shop before Thanksgiving, to the 41 percent who shop from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, to, of course, the 34 percent who shop during December.

Nearly all shoppers (93 percent) find shipping options to be an important factor in their experience – a 23 percent increase from last year. Free shipping and end-to-end tracking are now expected by shoppers. Other shipping options, including unconventional delivery methods like drones and on-demand drivers, are less proven but could become more popular in years to come.

Choice matters in return policies too – shoppers want to have the option to return a product anywhere it’s convenient for them, whether in-store (39 percent), through a shipping provider (38 percent) or through direct courier pick-up (20 percent).

Retailers know what shoppers have put at the top of their gift lists this holiday season, and as Pitney Bowes’ Christoph Stehmann said in the survey, these increased shopping options will “attract consumers throughout their shopping experiences.”

And with more options, shoppers will be better able to find the perfect gifts for their friends and families this holiday season.