Drive Better Engagement and Conversion With
Content Stories

Today’s buyers are visual first and connect best with content that is rich and deeply immersive. As a new; content type within Uberflip, Fabl allows marketers to own the post-click experience by quickly creating responsive and branded content pages without the need for costly coders or designers.

Where Fabl Fits With Uberflip

Key Benefits

Create High-Value and Interactive Content Without Designers

Create crisp, edge-to-edge content pages with design tools built for marketers—no CSS required. Get content ready for any device and platform with auto-optimization that maintains the quality of media for seamless viewing. Natively showcase Fabl stories alongside other formats within Uberflip for a holistic content experience.

Protect Your Content Investment Throughout the Buyer Journey

Drive better engagement by leveraging Fabl to create content pieces within Uberflip. Encourage prospects to self-nurture and move through the buying journey faster using Uberflip’s Al-based content recommendations.

Prove the ROI of Content Stories With Built-In Analytics

Make better decisions in real-time using metrics and dashboards powered by Google Analytics. Calculate content ROI and take campaign analysis to the next level by leveraging native integrations with the leading CRM and campaign tools.

How to Use Fabl and Uberflip

Step 1

Connect Uberflip to Fabl

Installing the integration is easy and takes only minutes! Use the provided RSS link from the back-end of Fabl to set up a new content source in Uberflip. Fabl stories are automatically brought into the Uberflip hub and kept up to date.

Step 2

Create a Fabl Story

Use Fabl to create a wide range of rich content expressions right from a central dashboard. Leverage the platform’s versatility by creating long—form content, branded newsroom content, product pages, marketing collateral, and much more.

Step 3

Measure Performance

View real-time results and custom built reports via Fabl’s Google Analytics-powered engagement dashboard. Measure the basic metrics and comprehensive ones like top performing stories, video/audio consumption rates, media shares, page shares, button clicks, hover rates; and more.

Drive better content performance with Uberflip and Fabl content stories.