Through this ongoing series exploring Content Experience, we discuss important topics specific to helping you (content marketers) drive deeper engagement and better results for your business, while saving time and money.

In each segment, we provide a brief demo of the Fabl platform to help you visualize how to take the topics of discussion and move them into action.

Each episode is limited to 50 attendees!



Wednesday, February 27, 2019
11am PST/ 2pm EST - 12pm PST/ 3pm EST

Taj Forer and David Beebe discussed the Content Experience Platform (CXP or CEP) ecosystem to help define its purpose, outline benefits, and highlight successful outcomes of enhancing the look and feel (User Experience) of content marketing deliverables. View the complete webinar recording below!


Enhance Your Content
To Improve Results

Wednesday, March 27, 2019
11am PST/ 2pm EST

How your stories are received and responded to is where science meets art. Taj and a notable industry expert will discuss the power of design and content navigation flow to transform great content into great business results.

Quantifying Quality

Thursday, April 18, 2019
11am PST/ 2pm EST

As marketers, how do we measure and quantify the impact of the content we publish? How do we craft experiences around our stories that protect and project our brand values? And how do we ensure quality throughout the entire customer journey? In this discussion, we’ll explore the data behind engagement, examining how to merge art and science to deliver better outcomes.