Story Overview

Campaign Dates: February 16th - March 15th

Frame Love was a 4 part content series centered around fashionable eyewear to help customers see themselves through a new lens (The Kendall + Kylie Optical Lens), for a new year.

AC Lens leveraged 4 influencer/lifestyle experts to create native content around the topics of beauty, fashion, health and wellness. The series included advice on how best to apply makeup to complement your frames, using eyewear as a fashion accessory and nutrition advice for healthy eyes - all while featuring select Kendall + Kylie product only available from AC Lens. The goal: increase product and brand awareness as well as overall product conversion.

The story can be viewed here -

Our Goal

Increase brand awareness and sales for Kendall + Kylie optical product on


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The campaign proved to be highly successful, delivering impressive results - high engagement, a significant amount of social shares and driving considerable traffic to the AC Lens website through the “Shop Now” buttons in the campaign linked to featured frames.

The influencer campaign for Kendall + Kylie is reinventing traditional co-op marketing between manufacturer, retailer and consumer. Fabl’s dynamic content marketing platform enabled:

  1. Real-time content creation across companies and freelancers
  2. Campaign success through paid and organic distribution
  3. Set the foundation for a scalable, repeatable marketing model for future success

Key to any successful collaboration is shared and long term vision for the campaign. Together, Fabl and Allure are pioneering marketing within the eyewear industry.