The Evolution of Content Marketing
at Cleveland Clinic

Amanda Todorovich

Director of Content Marketing
Cleveland Clinic

The Launch of Health Hub

‌• Goal: re-purpose existing offline content

‌• Basic blog format/style
- Integrated existing Heart & Vascular blog

‌• Traffic would come from search

‌• Live April 2012

2012 Challenges

‌• Finding/creating enough content

‌• ‌Getting support from marketing teams

‌• Getting physicians on board (politics)

‌• Building the site

We were onto Something.

‌• Creating fresh, original content.

‌• Started posting more content on social media.

‌• Invested in growing audiences.

‌• Strengthened the team.

‌• Invested in amplification.

‌• Launched syndication efforts.

2013 Challenges

‌• Changing team dynamics
‌• Politics
‌• Changing processes
‌• More demands on the staff

2013 Keys to Success

‌‌• Data, data & more data

• Elevating content standards & style

‌• Establishing partnerships

‌• Setting aggressive traffic goal

‌• Sophisticated social media strategy

‌• Collaboration

2014 Keys to Success

‌• Focused on traffic goals

‌• Social media growth/investment

‌• Continuous Outbrain campaigns

‌• LEVERAGE DATA (and tools)

‌• Communication & Collaboration

2015 Challenges

‌• Continuing to raise the bar

‌• Organizational change

‌• Revenue & advertising

‌• Increased demand for content on all channels

“The work of our Health Hub team plays a critical role in building the national reputation of the Cleveland Clinic.  Our unique and engaging content helps to make digital communications the leading source of new awareness for the Clinic.  Leveraging the Health Hub as a communications platform has become a core strategy for our brand and individual service lines.  The creativity and integrated thinking of our Content Marketing team has been a key driver of our success.”

Paul Matsen, CMO