The Las Vegas that most Americans know is a paragon of tired cliches: overpriced cocktails, overcooked steaks, a hoard of Elvis Impersonators, and cheap wedding chapels for young elopers.

But this is only half of the story - There is now a fresh crop of movers-and-shakers revitalizing Sin City with their craft, creativity and intention. New approaches to food, drink, and entertainment are infusing the city with a new sense of zest and adventure that Vegas has been craving to regain for decades.
Tourists are beginning to demand originality instead of tired old Vegas brands.



Momofuku is a world famous NYC restaurant, but it’s recent opening of a new location in Vegas has raised some eyebrows in the culinary world. Lloyd Bansil, the Chef de Cuisine of the new location, graduated college with education and journalism degrees. For several years, he moonlighted as a chef while teaching elementary and high school. Eventually, Bansil moved to Las Vegas and climbed through the kitchen ranks at restaurants such as the Bellagio.

The authentic and nuanced menu is a refreshing break from the usual American Surf & Turf of Las Vegas fine dining. Bansil and Momofuku are just one example of a new generation of creative restaurateurs that are revamping the stuffy old cliches of Las Vegas fine dining.

Chef Lloyd Bansil is a breath of fresh air into the often exclusive world of culinary arts, and he brings that outsider perspective into the kitchen of Momofuku’s new restaurant.

Grab lunch at El Dorado, whose fresh fruit sangrias, dizzying selection of tequilas, and gluten-free, organic empanadas has made this one of the best Mexican joints in Vegas.

Try the chicken and red velvet waffle sliders with vanilla bourbon maple syrup at Therapy. Of course they have other things, like charred kale salads and French dips, but why would you order anything but RED VELVET WAFFLE SLIDERS?

Indulge in dinner at Rose. Rabbit. Lie. at the Cosmopolitan. Part supper club, part social club, this swanky spot is famous for its caviar tacos, but offers a wide selection of eats, from tiny tastes to “social feasts,” including a $1200 presentation of whole steamed Alaskan red king crab, lobster, and caviar.

Have a glass of champagne at nearby Chandelier because you’re there, and because it’s gorgeous.


Food Trucks are taking Las Vegas by storm. A recent ranking of the best food trucks in Vegas placed 3 hamburger trucks in the top 5. Eating burgers or sliders from a food truck isn’t what most people picture when they think of dining in Las Vegas. But a group of ambitious trucksters are out to prove that Vegas food has more to offer than the high-priced resort options.

Ric Guerrero launched Slidin’ Thru in 2010 after being dumped by a long-time girlfriend. The trucks eclectic sliders soon made it a huge hit in Sin City, and it is credited for helping spawn the entire Vegas Food truck movement.

“Slidin’ Thru” serves eclectic sliders such as the Pep Pep (lettuce, tomato, pickle, Cheddar, special sauce, sautéed onion)
“Slidin’ Thru” serves eclectic sliders such as the Pep Pep (lettuce, tomato, pickle, Cheddar, special sauce, sautéed onion)


Las Vegas is not associated with your corner tea shop. However, if you’re willing to go off the beaten path, and you like bubble tea, we have a gem for you.

With related locations in Chinatown and Koreatown, the Volcano Cafe is a very new Vegas offering focused on maintaining original Taiwanese methods of making bubble tea. Their reasonable prices and menu offerings of smoothies and shaved ice make them a great stop for those looking for fresh ingredients and chewy boba.


If you were in Vegas in the 1970’s you might remember a place called Starboard Tack. Starboard Tack was a gaming bar, even in the 70s, but had to close down. As of March 17th, 2017, this classic Vegas gem has reopened. The new Starboard Tack still has a classic atmosphere and gaming, with mixtures of historic and new decor and a specialty in rum.

Order one of 100+ types of rum neat or in a signature cocktail. Insider tip: if you hear Shabba Ranks song “Ting-A-Ling” come on the speakers, the specialty Ting and Sing cocktail’s price drops to three dollars. If you’re looking for a craft cocktail rum bar with some history, it is the place to be.

Grab a cocktail at the Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill. No matter what you think of the prickly celebrity chef or his franchises, his cocktails are killer. The Ramsay Tonic, a concoction of Tanqueray Ten, St. Germain, Fever Tree tonic, and fresh cucumber and grapefruit juices, might be the best thing you taste in Vegas.

Specialty cocktails to bubble tea, Vegas has it all if you’re willing to look past the lights.


VooDoo Zipline

Head to Vegas for the best minute and ten seconds of your life…Go to the VooDoo Zipline that is. This zip ride takes off from VooDoo Lounge, located atop Rio’s 50-story Masquerade tower, sending guests soaring more than 800 feet to the Ipanema tower.

Ready to go site seeing? No worries, the Voodoo Zipline has your back, giving you a360-degree open air view of the Las Vegas strip with speed up to 33 miles per hour. Oh, and the ride back? One word: backwards!

After your ride you can relax at the Río All-Suites Hotel right below the ride. Here, you can play at the slots or lay back in one of their luxurious rooms.

Dolphin Yoga

Start the day out with an exhilarating experience—the Mirage offers Dolphin Yoga in its underground dolphin viewing area. The curious animals sometimes mimic the poses of the yogis, we hear.

Chapel Hats

Catch the free tram to Mandalay Place and make your way up to Chapel Hats for a Las Vegas souvenir. You can take home a Rat Pack-inspired fedora or a frothy, feathery fascinator—just not another fishbowl margarita glass, please!

Red Rock Canyon

Head out to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

Your $7 admission fee supports the conservation of critical habitat for desert tortoises and other wildlife, protection for wild horses and burros, cultural resource preservation, and trail maintenance and repair. It’s a small price to pay to enjoy all of these things, as well as the stunning views and vistas of the Nevada desert. Mountain biking, rock climbing, and horseback riding are available, also.

Las Vegas Arts District

Feast your eyes all around the 18b Las Vegas Arts District. Galleries, co-ops, collectives, museums, and even an outdoor art garden all converge here, alongside countless shops and boutiques, for your pleasure and convenience.

When casino-overload takes hold, treat yourself to a healthy dose of culture by nourishing your senses with works of art produced by both local and internationally acclaimed creatives.

Bellagio Fountain Show

Wrap up the day by taking in the Bellagio’s fountain show. The grand spectacle of lights, music, and cascading water changes daily, so everything old is new again. Somehow this just feels like classic Las Vegas.


Beach and Night Club

After you’ve tucked the kids away, head to Beach and Night Club for music, dancing, and if you’re lucky…some celebrity sightings. The club has hosted everyone from Lil Wayne to Rae Sremmurd.

Eleven stories above the Las Vegas strip, it offers a panoramic view of the city. You won’t have to look outside to sightsee however, this new attraction boasts LED lighting and modern technology systems. The site features a Beach Club and a Night Club, to please every type of partier, and of course, a full service bar.


Behind all the headline-making casinos and elaborate shows that Vegas is famous for, the city offers a diversity of options. If you're willing to explore a little, there is certainly one for you.

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