Fabl: the content experience platform

is now integrated with FullStory!


A marketer’s options for publishing original content have been limited.


can create sophisticated content, but requires time, code, money and constant maintenance.

Simple Page Builder

is quick and cheap, but can't scale, integrate or provide actionable insights.



The sweet spot

Fabl exists so marketers can quickly, easily and cost-efficiently publish highly engaging, data-driven content on a scalable platform — all by themselves and in half the amount of time.


Global CMS

(WordPress, Drupal, Magento)

Content Experience Platform

Simple Page Builder

(Wix, Adobe Spark, Instapage, SquareSpace)

Can achieve almost any design

Steep learning curve

Customization of themes and features requires code work 

Requires multiple team members & departments to execute one page  

Not intuitive to a marketer’s needs & over-complicates collaboration 

Wastes time and money, from concept to design to dev to approval to deployment 

Can create the same multimedia, visual experiences as a CMS without coders or designers

Gives total control to the content marketer

Easily integrates with CRM & eCommerce

Brand protected

Deploy twice as fast than CMS

Built for scale AND ease of use

Delivers detailed data on every page element

Reduces time and money spent: concept to deployment

Easy to use


Limited in features 

Not built to power sophisticated marketing strategies 

Limited customization and design capabilities 

Not scalable for growing or established companies whose business needs evolve 

Little to no analytics provided 

Every second counts

A 1 second increase in fan page load time increases bounce rate by 33%

An engaged user is one that spends a minimum of 15 seconds on a digital page

70% of users that reach the 15s mark will consume 80% of the content on that page

On average, more than 66% of users scroll between 50%-100% of Fabl-built page content

Fabl makes the most of every page visit

Fabl-built pages ensures that visitors reach, at minimum, that 15 second threshold.

With Fabl, you will generate higher engagement