Forbes Insights develops, fields and analyzes executive- and consumer-based online surveys. The content of these surveys is customized to meet the research needs and objectives of each client and these surveys can target almost any demographic.
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Research Reports

Research reports are written and developed by the Forbes Insights editorial team. These reports are meant to serve as a synthesis of survey data as well as insight gathered through qualitative interviews with subject matter experts and senior executives.

Using Thought Leadership to Grow

The notion of establishing thought leadership has emerged as a top priority with sales and marketing executives. This paper will teach you three practical steps your organization can take to execute a systematic program for delivering compelling ideas and relevant solutions to your customers.

Case Studies

Case studies are briefs to profile research concepts and findings in practice.

Ricoh’s Commitment to Security Leads to Avigilon

This brief case study examines how document solutions company Ricoh UK used video management software and high-resolution megapixel cameras with intercom talk-down service to implement high-quality security monitoring while reducing costs.


To Infinity and Beyond

This brief case study examines how Italy’s UmbraGroup, a strategic supplier to the aerospace industry, worked with IBM to improve its resiliency and ensure an always-on supply network for its global clients.


Through Targeted Emails, Crocs Entices Customers Back to Their Carts

This brief case study examines how footwear company Crocs uses a marketing conversion platform to encourage customers to return to their abandoned shopping carts.



Forbes Insights produces co-branded webinars with client executives and/or a complementing third-party subject-matter expert. The webinar format can be on-demand, live or semi-live. Webinar packages include promotion, content creation and distribution.

In this executive video, Forbes Insights and Teradata explore how Individualized Marketing is redefining customer engagement.


Forbes Insights can produce a wide range of videos from animated pieces that showcase research findings to one-on-one interviews with client executives.


Forbes Insights can develop both print and digital infographics to highlight research findings and current industry trends.

Custom Events

Forbes Insights can coordinate custom events to showcase research findings and place the client in front of its target audience. Forbes will handle all logistics and work collaboratively with the client on the attendee list and programming.

Forbes Insights held a roundtable with some of the most notable West Coast asset managers. The discussion, led by EY and Forbes Insights, addressed the current trends affecting the asset management industry.

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Self-Assessment Tools

Forbes Insights produces self-assessment tools to enable the client’s audience to engage with research findings and compare themselves to their peers.

Hiscox Courage Index Tool

Forbes Insights, in partnership with Hiscox, developed a tool that aims to help small business owners identify their levels of courage relative to the overall nation.

About Us

Forbes Insights is the strategic research and thought leadership practice of Forbes Media. By leveraging proprietary databases of senior-level executives in the Forbes community, Forbes Insights conducts research on a wide range of topics to position brands as thought leaders and drive stakeholder engagement. Research findings are delivered through digital, print and live executions, and amplified across Forbes' social and media platforms.



As the Chief Insights Officer for Forbes Media, Bruce is responsible for managing Forbes Insights, the company’s thought leadership research division, as well as the Forbes CMO Practice. He is the co-author of several books and writes a Forbes column on thought leaders changing the business landscape.


Brian brings over 15 years of thought leadership research and publishing experience to Forbes Insights, having led initiatives for the world’s leading brands including IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and KPMG. He specializes in developing strategies and approaches that help firms increase engagement.


As a Manager at Forbes Insights, Matt is responsible for business development with companies based on the U.S. East Coast. Prior to joining Forbes in 2013, Matt served as a sales representative for content solutions at The Economist Group, and the Director of Research at Madison Williams & Co.


Will works with clients in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and the Midwest to craft co-branded research programs for the IT sector. Before joining Forbes Insights, he worked at the Economist Intelligence Unit, co-founded a PR and content marketing firm, and served as Marketing Director at another PR firm.


Tibor heads the EMEA region and is involved in thought leadership programs for all partners. Prior to joining Forbes Insights, he provided digital content solutions for partners in Europe and EMEA as a Sr. Sales Manager at Euromoney Institutional Investor and a Partnership Manager at The Guardian.


Since 2011, Hugo has served as Editorial Director at Forbes Insights. In 2010, he helped launch the international edition Forbes Middle East. Previously, Hugo spent a decade on the editorial side at Forbes, then another decade as Deputy Managing Editor at SmartMoney: The WSJ.


Kasia has previously, she served as Chief of Reporters and Editorial Director of International Editions at Forbes magazine. She has also consulted companies on Central European expansion and assisted Western media in their coverage of the anti-Communist movement in Poland.


As Program Director, Erika oversees the execution of thought leadership campaigns and identifies ways to improve the internal business processes. Prior to joining Forbes Insights, she worked in advertising sales, helping develop custom marketing programs for Forbes’ financial and luxury clients.


As a Project Manager at Forbes Insights, Andrea works directly with Insights clients to execute custom thought leadership programs. Before joining Forbes, Andrea worked as a project manager in digital advertising and non-profit administration. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago.


As Director of Research at Forbes Insights, Ross is responsible for design, execution, and analysis of thought leadership research. He joined Forbes in 2015. Prior to joining Forbes, Ross served as Senior Quantitative Analyst for McGraw-Hill Financial. He has a BA from the College of the Holy Cross.


Kim has been a Research Analyst with Forbes Insights for the past year. She helps interpret data, formulate reports and completes other tasks focused on executive thought leadership and research. An alumnus of Fairfield University, Kim joined Insights from the market research firm Ipsos.


Sara recently joined the Insights team after working for two years as a member of Forbes Media’s Ad Products team. She works on marketing Insights products specifically through email marketing as well as social campaigns. She is also involved in the survey programming process.



Lynda is a writer and journalist focusing on marketing, media, and technology – and the convergence of all three. She has worked with Forbes Insights since 2014 to cover the ways emerging technologies can enhance a business’ understanding customer behavior.


Manya is an independent writer and content marketing consultant. Prior to becoming a writer, she worked as a research librarian for Ernst & Young, a product manager/editor for college textbooks at Course Technology, and a librarian at Harvard University.


Alan is a business and technology writer who specializes in research reports, whitepapers, and magazine stories for B2B publishers and technology companies on topics ranging from cloud computing to mobile applications. Previously, he was a senior editor at Byte Magazine.


Nicholas is a writer and editor with a focus on finance, technology and energy. For over 15 years, he has produced thought leadership programs for leading brands and written articles and reports across a range of subjects, from investing and personal finance, data and analytics, to energy.


Joe is an industry analyst, editor, and author in organizational and technology innovation, tracking how technology innovations - especially in cloud and digital - move markets and careers. His work for Forbes Insights covers topics from cloud computing to enterprise mobility.


Bill is a writer, researcher, facilitator and speaker. His core focuses include finance, technology, M&A, marketing and taxation. He has authored over 20 books along articles, white papers and blogs. Prior employers include The Economist Group, Euro Brokers, and E.F. Hutton.


Deborah authors thought leadership and custom research for corporate and finance clients, focusing on how technology is transforming business and society. Her recent work has focused on smart cities and cyber-physical systems as well as business resiliency and security.


Steve is a corporate, financial and B2B communications writer, editor and content marketing strategist focused primarily on the financial and professional services industries. He has developed content for Forbes Insights on topics ranging from wealth management to private equity.


Cindy is a writer and content strategist specializing in business, innovation, and finance. As a Forbes Insights contributor, Cindy has written for thought leadership programs on a variety of topics, including marketing, technology, and human resources.

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